Our Timeline


  • As the year closes the initial concept of Bonds is composed: sourcing quality products for e-retail.


  • Research period begins. Bonds use contacts and knowledge to explore the Far East.
  • The slogan “Quality living at sensible prices” is born.




  • Trading management platform changed improving efficiency.
  • Bonds continue to expand introducing new product ranges through BondsPlasterMouldings.com.


  • The plaster and lighting site are further developed, tripling turnover.


  • Building on The House of Silks natural success abroad – Bonds goes international, launching foreign designated sites in five languages and eleven different currencies.
  • BondsGaragesAndSheds.com is launched taking Bonds into the supply of steel buildings.


  • Bonds moves premises into larger offices and combines warehouse operations, improving efficiency and product management.
  • Bonds build a photography studio taking product photography to a new level.
  • Bonds expands the ranges available in BondsGaragesAndSheds.com.


  • The House of Silk explores new suppliers and materials, introducing new ranges and products.
  • Bonds improves manufacturing processes of the steel buildings improving delivery times.
  • The Bonds team continues to grow with the business.
  • After watching the success and skill of the manufacturing team, the concept for a new hoist model to be made in the UK is born.
  • This leads to an expert site BondsHoists.com being launched.


  • Development of the new hoist model progresses well and whilst on a business trip to source machinery Bonds spot a gap in the market.
  • Bonds are continuing to develop manufacturing, continuously adding new products to Bonds Garages and Sheds.


  • New range of shelters and bike stores added to Bonds Garages and Sheds.
  • We have changed names from Bonds Corporate LLP and become a Limited company, introducing Gabitie Group Ltd.


  • Development of the new hockey goals began and completed this year.
  • New website for our custom designed Hockey goals has been launched gabitiesports.com


  • Our buildings are getting bigger! New machinery to help us make bigger buildings.
  • Our team continues to grow, and even better we are supporting young workers and working with local training providers to help then achieve their goals.


  • Very busy year for manufacturing, new ranges such as gates and railings and more options added to our existing ranges.

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